Passages from The Employee Experience

Passage One

“We have become fascinated with studying the current state of healthcare organizations and devising plans to move them to a “wildly successful” status. We know that mediocrity can be replaced by greatness. We want healthcare to be great. Patients deserve it. Employees deserve it. We bet you want your organization to be great too.”

Passage Two

“The entire premise of our book is built on the over-riding principle that when you lead effectively in order to engage your employees to behave, perform, and contribute at a higher level, good things happen. Your platter of leadership tasks gets smaller because your employees want to assist in the leadership of their work environment. Your results begin to improve. Your strategy comes alive because you have communicated it well, and others believe in it and want to work for an organization that keeps track, and is winning!”

Passage Three

“Performance feedback from a leader is truly just a conversation, or series of conversations. Even though leaders have a lifetime of experience in conversing, it is with regular frequency that leaders reach out to us for advice on what to say to their employees.

You can probably guess that those “tough” conversations are the ones in which leaders seek out our assistance.  Even the most experienced leaders can struggle with conversations that need to happen when an employee is not behaving, performing, or contributing at the level required.”